October 19, 2009

Girls Night Out!

This past Sunday, October 19th, my daughter and I went to go see Miley Cyrus in concert. We had so much fun singing along and dancing. Where does time go? I still remember taking her to the Disney On Ice shows starting at age 4. Now in her tween years, it's The Cheetah Girls, The Jona Brothers, and now Miley Cyrus! It's wonderful being able to provide such a privilege and joy for my daughter. The important thing is that she knows everything she gets is because she has earned through her excellent behaviour, grades, and keeping up with her responsibilities. This was a great shot of Miley being suspended in mid air during the song "Fly on the Wall".

She was singing "I love Rock n Roll", while being suspended on the motorcycle in mid air. So cool!!!

It's great that I get to share these moments with my daughter. I keep telling my husband that I feel a bit guilty that I'm the one always having the fun with her at concerts. He tells me not to worry and to enjoy these moments with her because when our son gets old enough, he'll be taking him to the Cowboys Games. I guess it evens out.
Happy daughter = happy mom!


P.S. Thank you for stopping by, now I will get on with my gazillion projects I have going on.


Tracey said...

My almost 8 year old LOVES Miley! I took her to the H Montana movie when it came out, and I have to admit, I really liked the music!

Glad you had such a nice time with your daughter!!

:) T

Red Lipstick Style said...

awww precious! I think it is nice that your daughter realizes that she must behave a certain way (ie: grades) to get all these nice things. She's going to be a responsible young woman.

Kelly Muys Wood said...

That picture of her smiling at the bottom of your post is priceless. Too cute. She looks so happy!


Christine said...

Great time and great memories.
I just love Girls Night Out. Yours looked like fun. And who better to be out with then your daughter!