September 29, 2009

Sometimes it's ok to judge...

...a book by it's cover. We all have some books we use and love, but sometimes they just aren't pretty to look at. So I began searching for ideas to cover 2 huge dictionaries that will be on my daughter's new study nook(pictures will soon be posted). I came across these wonderful pictures of books that were full of inspiration. I like these books, the colors go very well together. Too bad that is not my color scheme., cute shoes though.

photo from Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage

Oh yes, the very creative, hands on kind of girl, Gina. Now this is more me, love the white and soft teal book combo.

photo from HGTV

I love this picture!! From the cute robin eggs, to the chippy cream bird, and of course the books. You rock Rachel Ashwell!

photo from The Enchanted Cottage
This looks so cozy. I would probably give the little birdie a spray paint make over though. The books are so vintage looking, love the colors on the covers.

photo by Dan Meyers
What a great idea! I will definitely try this idea out in the near future, but for now let me show you what I did. This is the before picture of the books.

And this is the after picture of the first look.
I used brown paper from a roll I bought for my son at Home Depot, and added jute webbing(thank you EAB Desings for the inspiration). I liked it, but realized it was not girly enough for my daughter's desk, it was more me than her.
So then I tried this idea next.
This worked out so much better. I used fresh flowers, and ribbon to match her pink, teal, and black theme. The ribbon also ties well with the banner I made her, oh you haven't seen her banner yet, have you? You will soon, pinky promise.(moms with daughters, you know how serious a pinky promise is right?)

I will be posting my book cover idea at:

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September 28, 2009


Miss Mustard Seed @ The Mustard Seed Creations has just e-mailed me to let me know I have won her 100 followers giveaway!! Do you know what it is?? A custom painted bread box inspired by me! Yes, I have the privilege to give her my vision and she will create a one of a kind treasure(my inspiration + her talent, passion, & creativity = a Masterpiece)!! I have never owned anything that was custom made for me(except my 2 children), but you know what I mean. This is such an honor to have been picked from so many entries from women who also had a wonderful vision.

Thank you Miss Mustard Seed for this beautiful treasure you are going to be creating for me. As I mentioned to you, it will become an heirloom piece that will be passed down to my daughter and she too will do the same. For now, I get to enjoy it. So I am off to collect inspiration for you and to gather my dear possessions for their new home! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. If you haven't seen her talent yet, now is the time to do so. So drop by, leave a comment, and since you're already there might as well become a follower!

Look what's new!

Do you like my new look?? I hope so, I decided it was time for a new "fall" look for my blog. I know, there's no autumn related pictures on it, but it's now all about pictures. Colors too can set the mood, and for me rich brown with a touch of heavenly teal says fall to me.
So let me know what you think, drop a line or 2.


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September 27, 2009

Sunday's Bible Text

God is not unrighteous so as to forget your work and the love you showed for his name
_Heb. 6:10
May you all have a wonderful Sunday with your loved ones.


September 25, 2009

apples anyone??

It's officially Fall and while everyone is showing off their great fall decoration ideas, I though I would post something different that is still so Fall....Carmel Apples! With so many delicious ways to dress up an apple now a days, how can you eat just one? They are such a delish treat and a must make dessert for my family. I will be planning our carmel apple making day pretty soon with my daughter, she is very excited about this. She gets even more excited when she gets to give them as gifts to our friends and family. Do you enjoy making these treats?? Please, do share your ideas!

Carmel is still my favorite kind, I like sweet and simple.
Happy Friday and have a Wonderful weekend!
Thank you for stopping by, you are so appreciated.


September 23, 2009

My very own Honest Crap Award!!

Miss Mustard Seed at Mustard Seed Creations has awarded me the Honest Scrap Award! I am delighted to say that his is my 2nd award(2 is my fav number!)! I am very thankful and appreciate this award, thank you Miss Mustard Seed!

Here are the rules that must be followed upon receiving this award:
1) Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award.
2) Share "10 Honest Things" about myself.
3) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4) Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving.

Here are 10 things about me....
1) I am a certified Make-up Artist, an aspiring photographer, and an interior decorator at heart.
2) I am a mother of beautiful, manipulative, drama queen, 11 year old daughter with an excellent sense of humor I might add, and of a 2 year old well mannered, kind hearted, adventurous, sweet boy(of course this doesn't apply when he is throwing his tantrums).
3) I love, love, love guitar music! I actually own a beautiful guitar ,and I'm hoping my son will learn to play it in the future.
4) I am the oldest of 4, my little sis is 18, and the other 2 boys are 21, and 29.
5) I have a fear of the ocean, but love the beach. (I blame Poseidon, and Titanic for this)
6) My favorite colors are purple, red and fuchsia. Isn't fuchsia a combination of red and purple?
7) I was a cheerleader, volleyball and basketball player, member of the FHA(Future Home makers of America), played the clarinet, and was a member of student council back in High School.
8) My dream vacation is to visit Italy.
9) I am a country girl at heart, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at me.
10) I like to see people fall, I think it's the most hilarious thing ever. Of course it's not funny when they are bleeding or seriously hurt, I do have self control for those unfortunate cases.
And now, I'll pass this Honest Scrap Award onto the following blogs, which are beautiful and have inspired me(they are in no particular order):
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September 21, 2009

*Mini B4s & Afters

*I say mini because it is just a single thing that is being transformed as opposed to a room, wall, nook, ect.
So this is what kept me from blogging a few days ago(and housework). Can you believe I'm still scrapping off paint from my nails?! First, let me start by apologizing in advance for the poor quality of some of the pictures, my camera was having it's moments. :) Okay then, shall we begin??

simple boring frame
now it's a pretty mini portable chalkboard

This wire basket was bronze before I painted it white and

added a little bit of ribbon and scrap paper.

Remember these, they were my GW finds, not so pretty.

Now, very pretty and cute.

Another GW buy.....

and after a spray of black. Doesn't it look classy now?

Very pretty 2 tier bronze basket, but not my style (anymore).

Ahhh....much better, after it was introduced to Heirloom White.

From cock-a-doodle- NO!

To cock-a-doodle-YES!!

And finally, this was a garage sale find for $2 a few months ago.

After white and chalkboard paint, and little bit of scrap paper, this is what it looks like now. I am planning to do some lettering like the original had, but I'm not sure what to put yet.

So, what do ya'll think!!
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September 20, 2009

Goodwill Goodies

Here are some items I found this weekend. Of course this is only the home decor stuff, my son and daughter also scored on some great finds. I think they are finally starting to like GW.Let me start of by saying, I love frames! My husband still doesn't understand
my obsession with them, but that's OK.
Next is this pretty silver plated cup with white roses($1.25), and this
desk organizer($5) that will come in handy.

This tall candle stick took my breath away! Imagine how gorgeous it will
look once it meets Heirloom White?

These 2 pottery barn cups were only .75 cents each, they will probably
be used for office supplies.

Last, but not least, these two trays... they just need a little bit of cleaning.

Well this is all for now, be sure to come back tomorrow for some mini before and afters of my Goodwill and Garage sales finds. Thank you as always for your kind visit. :)

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