October 31, 2009

Kreative Blog Award

Thank you soooooooo much Joyce from Cheap Frills for this wonderful award. I am touched knowing that wonderful, creative, and inspiring people as such as yourself are interested in my blog. Thank you for your support and lovely comments.

So, here are the rules as I understand them:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.

5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.

6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

7. Leave a comment on each.

"7 Things You Never Knew and Probably Never Even Considered Wanting To Know" about me.

1. I was born in Juarez City (Chihuahua, MX), moved to California when I was 1 1/2yrs old, then moved to Texas when I was 12 years.

2. I have owned 3 dogs in my life, Randy(Poodle), Gizmo (Pekingese), and Maggie (Shih Tzu). I guess you could say I have a thing for small, fluffy dogs. Unfortunately 2 of them died and one got stolen.( so sad)

3. When I was 15, I lived in 1/2 of a house without windows(my dad used boards to cover the window frames at night and removed them for light during the day), without floors (used carpet to lay on dirt), without running water (we had to manually pump it out of the ground and it wasn't drinkable so we had to drive to get good water at a hardware store), these were hard time my family was going through. Although it was only 2 years, it was long enough to make me appreciate what I have now, to be humble, and to be giving to others in need as much as possible.

4. I hated using our outhouse and was so embarrassed by it I never had friends over. I also slept on a couch for 2 years, I loved that couch, it was so cozy.

5. I love nature(mountains, pine trees,water streams everywhere) and so far Ruidoso, NM in one of my favorite places to get a dose of it. It is gorgeous there and only less than 3 hours away from my parents house.

6. I love the beach, but I am terrified of the ocean.

7. I started having premature grey hair (20%) at the age of 19. So L'Oreal is my BFF!

Now on to the recipients. (in no particular order)

1. Gina at the Shabby Chic Cottage
2. Miss Mustard Seed at the Mustard Seed Creations
3. Gail at My Repurposed Life
4. Angelique at Six in One Hand
5. Sachiko from Tea Rose Home
6. A Pocket full of Posies
7. Jane at Finding Fabulous

What can I say that you may not already know about these glorious women. They all posses a special gift.....talent. Whether it's creativeness, carpentry skills, designing skills, painting skills, repurposing skills, sewing skills, frugal skills, or just plain good 'ol inspiration. After all isn't inspiration the reason we started our own blog? It was for me. So these are my picks hope you can visit with everyone of them for a dose of talent and inspiration. Have a great day!


October 23, 2009

Look what arrived in the mail today...

It's my Hobby Lobby Gift card from Six in One Hand Giveaway!! It had a little trouble getting here though and let me tell you why. When Angelique mailed it to me the first time, it never made it. Why??? Someone in the Postal Office went shopping with it. Who else could of took it??
So when she e-mailed me to ask if I had received it, I sadly said no. She was ready to mail me another one on the spot, but I wanted her to wait another week just to make sure it wasn't lost in the mail, but it wasn't. Without hesitation Angelique mailed me another one with an extra $10, total of $35! How sweet is that? She said it's for my inconvenience,but the inconvenience was for her. So hoping avoid this from happening to any of us, I would like to ask you girls for tips on how to avoid gift cards from being lost (stolen) in the mail? Any tips would be appreciated, I sure don't want this to happen to another generous blogging buddy who has the best of intentions. Thank you for listening (reading).
P.S. How cute is the greeting card?? I love it so much I am going to frame it.
Well you know where I'll be shopping this weekend. Happy Friday...again.

GW & GS Finds

It's been a while since I have been to Goodwill or to garage sales, so this past weekend I treated myself. My husband came along for the ride as well and scored on a T.V. DVD combo for his camper. He won't admit it, but he also enjoys GW & GS.
So this is what I found, a lrg pic frame $2, sewing basket $1(from JC Penney), 2 sm gold pic frames $1, silver pear.75, sm frame $1, metal urn $6(a little pricey, but I had to have it),and this beautiful desk for my daughter for only $5! This desk is so adorable, and I am loving the details. The only think is that it's missing a handle, but that's OK.
Imagine this frame heirloom white.(minus the picture)
Somehow I am going to redo this basket, not liking the color very much.

Love it, still deciding if I should keep it as is or paint it.
Well these are my sweet finds for the week, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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October 19, 2009

Girls Night Out!

This past Sunday, October 19th, my daughter and I went to go see Miley Cyrus in concert. We had so much fun singing along and dancing. Where does time go? I still remember taking her to the Disney On Ice shows starting at age 4. Now in her tween years, it's The Cheetah Girls, The Jona Brothers, and now Miley Cyrus! It's wonderful being able to provide such a privilege and joy for my daughter. The important thing is that she knows everything she gets is because she has earned through her excellent behaviour, grades, and keeping up with her responsibilities. This was a great shot of Miley being suspended in mid air during the song "Fly on the Wall".

She was singing "I love Rock n Roll", while being suspended on the motorcycle in mid air. So cool!!!

It's great that I get to share these moments with my daughter. I keep telling my husband that I feel a bit guilty that I'm the one always having the fun with her at concerts. He tells me not to worry and to enjoy these moments with her because when our son gets old enough, he'll be taking him to the Cowboys Games. I guess it evens out.
Happy daughter = happy mom!


P.S. Thank you for stopping by, now I will get on with my gazillion projects I have going on.

October 15, 2009

Entryway Makeover

This was my old entryway, cozy and cute, but like everything else I got tired of it. It began to look cluttered and extra things were getting shoved in the shelves. So a while back my husband added creamy white stripes to the wall, and it looked like this.
Then I added black frames with a touch of ribbon and now it looks like this.
I printed these out on regular white paper, stapled the ribbon to the frames and voila!

This is my touch of fall, cute white pumpkins and a febreze candle in willow blossom, love it!!
Here is the other little piece of entryway on the opposite wall. This is the perfect spot for my son's timeout bench. It is working out perfectly so far.

My husband bought this for him last year during the holidays, he built it 3 months ago, and I painted it 4 days ago. Talk about procrastination!! We are both working on it.
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October 12, 2009

IKEA Bookshelf Makeover

This book shelf was a $50 buy at the IKEA store a few years ago. I was very close to selling it a couple of weeks ago until it hit me....why not give it a make over! So I nagged my husband to go buy some moulding and so we (he) can get started on it. He began by removing the back board and replacing it with some left over bead board, then the top moulding was next, and finally side rope moulding was added. We used creamy white for the paint from Sherwin Williams.
Here is the finished shelf!

I am very pleased considering we only spent less that$30. This will definitely go in my daughter's room ,which is very close to being finished!!!

Did I mention my husband has no carpentry skills what so ever? Yet he tries his best just to make me happy. I knew he was a keeper the moment I saw him.

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October 7, 2009

I heart baskets

Let me start off by saying how much I love baskets, but who doesn't right? They are perfect for keeping things neat and organized. They can also be used to store, serve, or display. The best part is that the textures of woven baskets fit right into the fall theme, don't you think?? Here are a few more cozy pictures of beautiful baskets that show us great ideas for storage.

I'm definitely going to be buying a baskets for my fire wood, what a great idea!

Do you have too many books and don't know where to store them ? Just put them in some baskets and you are done. Of course you can make it more special by adding a cute label on the basket.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did. Sometimes it's good to remember the versatility of baskets and use them to our advantage and not just for decorating purposes.
*pictures are from Pottery Barn

Thank you for stopping by... stay safe, warm, and healthy.


October 4, 2009

Fun idea for all your wallet size pictures

This is what I came up with to display all my wallet size pictures I have been given throughout the years. Pretty neat huh? Total cost for this project was $7 and about 2 hours of labor. This frame was purchased at Hobby Lobby for $6.99, original price was $69.99...yeah I scored! The ribbons, glass bead pins,cork board, and black and white toile fabric I already had. The Family plaque was also purchased at Hobby Lobby a while back, I just framed it with a dollar frame from GW(Good Will) that was sprayed white. We added the stripes to my hallway about 1 month ago, the same day we painted my daughter's room. I love it so much better now.
Here's a close up of the ribbon and the glass bead pins. If you missed the how to make the glass bead pins, you can find it here.

Here is what the whole wall looks like. On the right is my husbands family, on the left is mine, and in the middle all the grand kids combined.

These are my parents and my siblings.

Here are my husbands parents and siblings.

View of the right side of the hallway...

and the left.

This is my coat closet. Pretty on the outside, but not so pretty on the inside.

Finally, here is a picture of the way the frame looked before it met Miss. Heirloom White.

So there you have it, how to display all the wallet size pictures you probably have stashed away in a shoe box. Let me know what you think of my project, I hope it was worth the wait.

Thank You for stopping by.

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