June 21, 2012

{Towel Rack}

OhMyGoodness (aka OMG)!!! It's been tooo looong, I know...sorry. I am glad to be back though, and will do my best to post at least once a week. So much has changed on Blogger that I needed to give myself a quick orientation, lol. Okay so I am going to post a simple, but super cute project my hubby did for our restroom. It's a towel holder that only required a piece of wood (1x6) & 3 hooks I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby ($2 ea).

Ta Da!
Here's the piece of wood I used. A bit of spray paint in Heirloom White, sand edges, & applied a bit of glaze.
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shabby creek cottage 


August 10, 2010

{Organized Cupboards}

Okay, so moving on to the inside of my dark brown dated cupboards. I still can't believe I lived with them for 4 years now. It had gotten to the point that opening them made me mad. Maybe it has something to do with me being pregnant and not being able to tolerate anything this color at the moment, who knows. So I did the most obvious thing to do and painted the inside. Love the results, thank goodness for creamy white. This is how all my cabinets looked liked before, and here is the after. I did away with all my mismatched dishes too.
I realized how sterile this may seem to you. I like it because it looks sooo clean.

This is where I keep my snacks, drink mixes, vitamins, and storage containers. I have learned that it works better for me to have the lids attached to the containers even if it does take up more space. I don't have missing lids anymore.

This is my spice cabinet, things were always spilling out. I am still searching for small spice racks that I can attach to the door.
The tin container (from IKEA) holds my seasoning pkg (meatloaf, ranch, Italian, gravy, taco seasoning, etc) they all stay neat inside and out of sight. The middle section holds my hot sauce & liquid smoke bottles, and my spices that I want to put on the racks, as soon as I find them. The bottom has my ck bouillon, tomato bouillon, and sea salt stored in cute small Ikea containers. My reg salt is in a bigger storage container and my everyday spices are also there at hand.

Last is my over the micro small cabinets that I use to store my oils, vinegars, cooking wines, cooking sprays, etc.
Much better, huh?
Ta Da! Paint makes a difference, don't you think? I am definitely happy with the results, now the bottom cabinets is a different story. It will definitely have to wait until I paint my master bath. Do you know what color it is now??? Hint, same color as the inside of the before cabinet, yuk. Sad part is that I chose that color, latte seemed like a good color choice at that time. Oh well you live and learn right?
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{Kitchen Makeover Still in Progress}

Hellooooo!!! I'm back, and ready to rock n roll. So to get things started, here you see my kitchen before, cluttered, messy and yes those are dirty dishes in the sink.
Before this before (if this makes sense) my kitchen was still in the 80's, it had brown dated cabinets, green and white linoleum tile, and orange counter tops, yes orange, pumpkin orange to be exact. I know I should of taken pics, still kicking myself for that.
So first things first, I started with was the walls they were chalky white and I painted them this mossy green, I painted the cabinets (outside only), changed the counter tops (on the cheap, not granite...yet), and did the floors. I was into the wine theme as you can see. Forward 2 years later, I became sick of the wine decor and removed it all. It looked less cluttered, but the color was just getting on my nerves now.
This pic is out of order, but you can see what I did with the outlet covers, cute huh?
My new bright and improved kitchen.

We added recess lighting, love it!

Of course my kitchen didn't stay clean for long ( 1 hubby and 2 kids
who think they have a live in maid....me)
I stayed happy with this look....for almost two years. Now I am adding some changes that I am currently working on. The color is definitely staying, but the decor isn't. I have some 6ft shelves that my hubby WILL put up for me today, after all I made him fresh flour tortillas this morning. Okay so I was buffing him up for the work I am going to slap on him when he gets home from work. Before you start feeling bad for him, let me tell you that he works in an a/c office, a little physical work wont hurt him.
So this is it for now, but tomorrow I will show you the inside of the cabinets. After 4 years they were still that yucky dated brown, filled with mismatched dishes, and other junk, until I did something about it;)
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June 9, 2010

{Sorry & Thank you}

Hello friends! Yes, I have been gone a long time and feel terrible about it. I am still working on my desk disaster, and I hope that it will be worth your wait. I decided to move my desk from the breakfast area to my dinning room area, so it turned out to be a bigger project than anticipated. I was outgrowing my little nook and convinced my hubby to please let me move into the dinning room. After all we only eat there 2 times a day for about an hour each time, that seemed like a waste of space. Since my little business is doing great I definitely needed more space for my inventory. So bare with me and I promise to post pictures of the results in less that 7 days. Thank you for continuing to leave me comments and for those friends I lost, I hope I can get you back ;)

February 3, 2010

{Desk Disaster}

Does your desk look like this?? Please say, yes. Well notice the date of the photo (8-16-09), 6 months later it still looks like this, but messier. How is it possible? Well just add more paper, school flyer's, ribbons, styrofoam head, glue gun (which stays on all the time), empty spools, make-up, tassels, store coupons, and my sanity. {I hope I don't regret posting this} Well, I have challenged myself to organized my desk and create a work and storage area for my bows. You see I don't have the luxury of an extra room like some of you. So I am taking over my breakfast area, besides who needs breakfast??:) So stay tuned ........ Yikes!!
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girls, giggles, and curls

This is my newest collection, aren't they cute??


January 12, 2010

Girls, Giggles, and Curls is now open for business!!

Hello my friends, it's been a while. I have been working hard on my spare time to get my 2nd blog up and running and it is finally done! I am happy to announce that Girls, Giggles, and Curls is now open!! So come on over and have a little visit and tell me what you think?? Oh yeah, one more thing....MY VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! Just leave me a comment telling what your favorite item is from the Sweetheart Collection and if you are randomly chosen, you will win it!! If you post my giveaway on your blog then you get 2 items!! (medium and small bows will come in a set which equals one item) I will draw the name on January the 22nd, so start spreading the news!!!

As always thank you for stopping by.
Remember January the 21st is the last day to enter so don't miss out.


December 23, 2009

{my custom made bread box}

Here it is, my custom painted bread box I won from Miss Mustartd Seed Creations giveaway. I love it so much, and I am grateful to her, and her talent. I love walking into my room and seeing it looking so pretty and vintage. Thank you again Miss MSC, you rock!!

Thank you for stopping by, it warms my heart to know you came to visit. :)


December 15, 2009

Girls, Giggles, and Curls Sneak Preview

Hello ladies, just wanted to share some samples of the bows I have been creating. I have asked some girlfriends to give me some honest feedback, and now I want yours too. Since you don't owe me any favors I think you will be very honest, right?? Prices range from $3 for small ones to $7.50 for large ones.
They are hand stitched for durability.
Do you think they are priced fairly?
Are these bows something you might purchase for your daughter or someone else?
Shipping will be $5 and free for orders of $50 or more.
What questions might you have before making a purchase?

All comments, suggestions, and feedback is very appreciated. With so much competition out there, I want to make sure I am staying on top of things, thanks a million!!!


P.S. I have named my little business Girls, Giggles, and Curls.

December 10, 2009

Where did I go??

Here I am! Wow, I can't believe I have been away from blogging for a while now.
So much going on as you all can surely relate to. I had my parents come visit me from
El Paso during the Thanksgiving Holiday, and we have been traveling to Austin to visit
with friends and family as well. Now I have been trying to catch up with the house cleaning/organizing, but it just doesn't seem to come to an end. I know, boo hoo hoo, right? What can I say, it feels good to complain sometimes although it doesn't
get the house clean, but at least you get it out of your system.
So what am I up to now, well I have been working on serveral little projects, but there is one in partcular that has been absorbing my time quite a bit. Do you want to know what it is???? Drum roll please............................I am starting my own LITTLE BUSINESS!!! Yeah, very excited about that. It is a bow business for little girls and tweens. I have been designing some cute bows that I hope to post soon.
So this is pretty much what is up with me for right now. Thank you all who have been visiting my blog during my absence and welcome to the 8 new friends that have joined my little world. You are so appreciated!
P.S. My bread box that I won from Mustard Seed Creations has arrived!!! I will post picture very soon, I love it. Thank you Miss Mustard Seed!!!

November 17, 2009

{102 and counting}

Words can't explain the way I feel about my blog. It all started with Rate My Space, I loved seeing how everyone was decorating their homes. I would notice how some women would say, "if you want more details visit my blog at .....", I was like,"blog?". I quickly learned what a blog was and was hooked. I have to say that My Sweet Savannah was the very first one I came across, and it was and still is breathtaking. Now I have so many favorite ones, it's crazy good!
So I have reached 102, wow! I am so ecstatic because this is the number
I wanted to reach so bad. So many times I have been tempted to have a giveaway just so that my numbers would increase, but then I would change my mind and continued to be patient. I realized that attracting followers for their genuine interest was more important to me. Does that mean I will never have a giveaway? Of course not! It will happen....very soon.
So THANK YOU to each and everyone of you, you all have touched my heart in more than one way. Thank you for encouraging me, praising me, and inspiring me!
To my little blog: thank you for making my life better and bringing out the creative side I never knew I had.