October 1, 2009

Cozy Study Area

As previously promised, here is my daughter's cozy study area. I created this space for her because her room was too distracting for her. Too often did I walk in on her only to find her playing with her barbies, little pets, or game boy instead of doing her homework. I moved her to the dinning room hoping it would work out better, but I was wrong.
So I found her a little nook in the living room that was empty and began making it her special study area. She loved it the minute she saw it! I have noticed how much she enjoys doing her homework now, and how clean and organized she keeps her desk.
The mini eiffel tower is actually a gift from Paris, she loves Paris, just like mom. You what she told me the other day while shopping at Target? Her: "Mommy, you know what? I am so into you!". Me: "What? What do you mean?" Her:, "I just love your style of decorating! I love how you make everything so cozy and yummy and cottagy(?) and parisy(?)." Yes, yummy is a word we use to describe anything and everything. She also said she wants me to decorate her house when she buys one. She made me so happy, and like my bff says, she gave me warm fuzzies. I'm glad to know my daughter appreciates the fact that I am working hard to make our home our cozy and yummy.(?don't know if these are actual words, but that is what she said)

My 2 year old son on the other hand can careless, his only care in the world right now are cookies, cars, and making the biggest mess possible in one day! He's another story.

OK, now for the details on the study, almost everything on the desk is from GW or garage sale with the exception of the mini trash can(Target dollar section, $2.50) and the wooden doll(Ikea $6 I think). I made the doll a female by adding a flower on her head and a tutu made of toilet paper. The trash can also got a little touch of toile ribbon and a label holder.

The fun & cute file folder is from Wal-Mart. I am using this one for all her papers that need my signature.
This was an ugly frame, that I forgot to take a before picture of it, purchased at GW. I left the frame alone and just spayed chalkboard paint on it. The banner is just scrap paper and ribbon, easy peasy!
The lamp was also a GW find, I sprayed it with metallic silver to cover the ugly brass. I am working on a cute, girly tassel to hang on it.
The black ottoman stores our throws and the toile box is storage for what ever needs to be hidden I mean stored.

And there you have it, the only area in the living room that is complete.
Thanks a million for your time and kind comments. I am linking up to:

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P.S. Come back on Monday for my hallway reveal. Here's a little hint, what do you do with all the millions of wallet size school pictures you have been accumulating from your family's kids all these years?? When I say school pictures, it includes the football picture, the cheerleading, the graduation, the flag team, the prom, you know the pictures you only get the wallet size version of because apparently you are not worthy of the 8x10? Yeah, those kinds. So come back and don't miss out.


Joyce @ Cheap Frills said...

What a great spot for your daughter to have as her very own! No wonder she wants you to decorate her home when she's older LOL! And I do have a quazillion photos that I've been wanted to somehow show in our hallway - can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Have a great weekend!

julie said...

Love the new little study area! I think it definitely helps to have a study area outside of the bedroom. My girls love it that way. Have a great weekend!

Jody said...

Lilia first off, you so made my day this morning!!! Thank you for checking out my blog and also for your awesome comment. I can't believe my lil box inspired you. I saw your post on the box you won,and wondered what you'd find as inpsiration. So nice to know it was my GW box!

2nd, love what you did with the study & especially the thrifty finds that made it possible.

Thanks again

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It is nice when your kids appreciate your making the house into a home. I find out my daughter says nice things about me when her friends come over and tell me, but then again, she's 22 and living on her own now. I love the little touches you put on her desk.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love it - I bet your daughter does too!

The DIY Show Off said...

I love the vintage vibe! What a cute little study! Great job on accessorizing...everything is so cute!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet space she has, now. I love the little flower and skirt you added to her mannequin. My son has one, maybe I should give it some pants.

Julia said...

What a sweet space for you and your little girl. She must feel like a princess in such a space. Good work.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Lilia! Just wanted to let you know that I received an award yesterday and I am passing it onto you ~ for your lovely blog! Please visit me and you can get it.

Christine said...

You sure do know how to make your little girl feel special.
Nicely done!

Tammy@InStitches said...

awwwwe, that is a yummy place to study !

Jane said...

Wow, Lilia I love your daughter's cozy study that you designed. It really is adorable and how wonderful that your daughter loves doing her homework there! Isn't it amazing how decorating even affects how the little ones feel? And I love the framed chalk board picture...that's a very fab n' frugal idea...love it! Thanks for linking up to Frugalicious Friday, I can't wait to see more of your fabulous finds!

Christine said...

I'm sorry but maybe it is where I live, but what is GW?

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

What a great space! Love all the sweet touches.

Six in One Hand said...

I love it!!
It is sooo girly yet studious!!!
I am in lurve with the blinged out stapler.

Great job as always!!!