February 3, 2010

{Desk Disaster}

Does your desk look like this?? Please say, yes. Well notice the date of the photo (8-16-09), 6 months later it still looks like this, but messier. How is it possible? Well just add more paper, school flyer's, ribbons, styrofoam head, glue gun (which stays on all the time), empty spools, make-up, tassels, store coupons, and my sanity. {I hope I don't regret posting this} Well, I have challenged myself to organized my desk and create a work and storage area for my bows. You see I don't have the luxury of an extra room like some of you. So I am taking over my breakfast area, besides who needs breakfast??:) So stay tuned ........ Yikes!!
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This is my newest collection, aren't they cute??