October 1, 2009

Kitchen Inspiration

How many of us already have a million projects to do/finish?? (both of my hands are up) So why do we keep adding to our endless list of projects?? Do we have the need to feel like Super Woman, we can do it all, the more the better type of attitude?? I guess so. I am juggling my daughter's room (still), hallway(almost done), her study nook(few touches needed), and the kitchen(almost there)! So I did what I love to do the most, and that is to search for inspiration for my kitchen. Why not? It's not my priority right now, but I can start right?? Well, I hope you get more done than what I have been able to do. Did I mention I am having a garage sale this weekend? Yup, another thing added to the list. Oh well, enjoy these lovely kitchens.

This is a must see blog if you haven't already, Jennifer is sooo talented. Love this kitchen!

This is gorgeous! ( picture, unknown?)

If i only had the guts to paint my cabinets this blue color, sigh.
Country Living

Love it, just love it!
Country Living


The chairs are my favorite!!

Country Living

Do you see the #2? Love it and this kitchen too. I want to add burlap to mine, maybe to the windows, hmmm.

Oh yeah, this one is gorgeous.

Love the coziness of the teal color.

Hope you enjoy browsing through these kitchen pictures, I know you may have already seen some or all of them, but a second helping never hurt anyone, right??

Thank You for stopping bye beautiful!



northern cottage said...

I could look at those pics EVERYDAY - just gorgeous aren't they? Thanks for sharing with us in one post - it is inspiring!!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Love love lovely. I'm hoping to redo my kitchen really soon. My goal is in the next two weeks...adding on to my already huge list of projects to do. These photos were so beautiful - they make me want to get started today!!