August 23, 2009

Parisian Boudoir still in progress.....

What a busy weekend!! It was filled with last minutue school shopping, painting, cleaning, organizing, trial run make-up session for a future bride, and my daughter's room makeover. So please forgive me if I disapointed you, but this project turned out to be more work than anticipated.
We (my husband) had to replace some of the tape and bed that had been done poorly before we moved in, it was bubbly and peeling off. Then we tried to remove the pop-corn from the celing, so we (he) started at the small celing area above the bay window. After seeing how time consuming it was going to be, not to mention the big , big mess I would have to clean, I decided I would learn to love the pop-crn stuff (for now). So here are some pictures of what we started with and the progress we have made so far.
Yes, it is a very loud color, but she loved it. She has had a bubble gum pink room, lavender, purple and yellow combo, soft green, and aquarium (color shown). So I conviced her to go with a neutral color this time.

This is the closet, you can still see the yellow from before. This is the side I want my hubby to add an extra shelf.

The pic below shows you all the stuff that was in her closet. You couldn't walk in it! Very shameful, I know, but after I get done with this room she will have no exuse on not being ablel to keep it clean.

After 1 coat of priming.
Here is the finished closet with my new in shelf.

We gave the room 2 coats of paint just to make sure that pesky turquoise wouldn't show up and we did the scalloped project which was time consuming, but fun. My goal is to be done by Thursday, we shall see.

What do you think so far?

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