August 26, 2009

dresser b4 & after

My daughter's room is still in progress, it is slowly coming together though. In the meantime, I have decided to give her 7 year old dress (purchased @ k-mart for $60) a face lift. I gave it a light sand and removed the stickers. I already had the black paint, I just bought 2 glass knobs for $2.99each. Let me know what you think.


dresser= $0
blk paint= $0
glass knobs 2 at 2.99= $6 (+tax)
Project total = under $7, not bad
I have liked up to Maman Tattoo.


Maman Tattoo said...

Thanks for entering!
Apparently, we did the same thing last week... Exept that I did not paint the dresser.

It looks gorgeous and I'm sure your little girl loves it better!

alicia@thrifty and chic motif said...

You did a great job on the dresser! Its so chic and looks like it costs way more than $7. I love it!