August 18, 2009

My daughter's Parisian Boudoir Inspiration

(photo from HGTV, design by Candice Olsen)

My daughter's bedroom is in serious need of a make over. She has been asking me to do a Parisian theme in her room for about a year now. I promised her it would get done this summer before school starts........well there is only 5 days left before school begins! Needless to say I am stressing just a little bit, I don't want to break my promise to her, but I know it is going to be a challenge to get the following done in 4 days:

patch nail holes
prime & paint
add shelves to her closet
replicate Candice Olsen's design on the scallop panel above the window
paint her dresser to match rm theme
shop to find cute Parisian accessories
organize & decorate

Whew....this is going to be tough! There's a good chance I might not get to finish doing everything on the list, but I will do as much as time, energy, and my 2 year old son allow me to. I will post whatever gets done on Monday.....let the stress begin, I mean fun, hehe.


Cheri Peoples said...

What a fun project. She will love it. This is my first time to your blog. I hope you will come by for a visit and stay awhile.
Its So Very Cheri I also have a party on Mondays called the Knock Off Knock Out go check out some amazing projects. I hope you will post your KNOCK OFF next week.

Its So Very Cheri

Gail said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't wait to see pics of your daughter's Parisian Boudoir! :)
Going to check out the rest of your blog....