September 4, 2009

Laundry Room Inspiration

I have yet to meet someone that actually likes to do laundry. I know I shouldn't complain and just be thankful that that I don't have to hand wash since the machine does the work for me, but still, this is one chore I can do without! So for the sake of making this dreadful chore more appealing, I have decided to beautify my laundry room this Labor Day weekend. Here are some inspiration pictures I found to give me ideas on what I want. Loving the wire baskets!

cute, clean ,and simple

This picture is my favorite one!
Happy Friday and may you have a fabulous long weekend with you loved ones!!!
(1. Better Homes, 2 & 3. Domino, 4. County Living)


Michelle said...

I just blogged about not liking the whole laundry chore this past week so I totally understand!

Have a great weekend!
~Michelle :)
(Treasure the Moment)

Pearl Maple said...

Great choice of inspiration there, personally i like a bright and sunny room. Hope you are having fun planning and gathering inspiration.