September 25, 2009

apples anyone??

It's officially Fall and while everyone is showing off their great fall decoration ideas, I though I would post something different that is still so Fall....Carmel Apples! With so many delicious ways to dress up an apple now a days, how can you eat just one? They are such a delish treat and a must make dessert for my family. I will be planning our carmel apple making day pretty soon with my daughter, she is very excited about this. She gets even more excited when she gets to give them as gifts to our friends and family. Do you enjoy making these treats?? Please, do share your ideas!

Carmel is still my favorite kind, I like sweet and simple.
Happy Friday and have a Wonderful weekend!
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Joyce @ Cheap Frills said...

Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing all the yummy photos - will have to try to do this soon!

julie said...

We love caramel apples and make them every year! Last year we made our own caramel and wrapped the sticks in colorful autumnal colors. They looked pretty but we realized we liked the caramel better when we just melt the candies - it's a little softer that way. There's nothing better...

Joyce said...

Every year I order those Mrs. Pringable apples and they are delicious. They always say Fall to me:)