September 1, 2009

Cork Board redo

I got this cork board a couple yrs ago in an estate sale for $5. The frame color was originally avocado green (not pretty), then black, and now a beautiful Inlet Blue (by Laura Ashley). The little paint sample can cost me under$3, and there's still plenty left for some other projects.

I covered the cork with burlap (of course), and used glass beads to cover the frayed edges.

Drum roll if you please......Ta Da!

I love it! How about you??

I felt the need to paint something else with this delicious color, so I did this.

By the way that yellow pot was one of my Goodwill buys($1.75), it had horrible flowers in it.


DeeDee said...

wow...both projects are awesome...great redos..

Six in One Hand said...


That looks awesome!!

I love, love, love the color.

Christine said...

Love the changes you made. I love the color! Not to long ago Home Depot had a giveaway for a free quart of paint your color choice while supplies last. Well, I so happy when the UPS guy should up with my can a few weeks later. Now I just have to open it and paint something! said...

looks great! I love the color!


melissa said...

I love the blue~thanks for sharing this with us!

JobandBrittany said...

cute!! i love that turquiose color!!!!