November 3, 2009

Project of the Day-Horse Apples

I bought a gorgeous glass vase in a garage a couple weeks ago for $1 and decided today would be the day to do something pretty with it. Loving the results, now I just have to find the perfect spot.
I used a plain beige tag and antiqued it for that wonderful vintage look.

My $1 glass vase.
I used black, b&w strip, and burlap to wrap the vase.

Free horse apples, thanks to my daughter. She is part of the E-Team(Earth) and on their nature walk she saw many horse apple trees and remembered how I was looking for some. She came home very excited to tell me, I was more excited for her thoughtfulness.
So how do you display your horse apples???



Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I have never seen Horse Apples until a couple of weeks ago on another blog and yours is only the second time. They are very interesting looking and remind me of moss covered balls. They look great in the vase and I love the ribbons you used. The tag is a really cute addition too. How many of us have those vases just taking up room somewhere. Great idea to use for this project!

julie said...

Oh, i love these too! I've never heard them referred to as horse apples before. On the way to our girls' school we pass a huge osage tree that drops LOTS of these in the street and my daughter runs out to pick them up for me. I love to display them in urns. I'll have to post a picture of mine soon. Love yours in the glass vase!

Cindy said...

I put some on my vintage black scale for awhile...but I like your idea better. Can I copy you? :o)

dee dee said...

This project turned out so pretty! I'm left wondering if I have a vase large enough for Horse apples???? Thanks for sharing... Dee Dee

Jody said...

i've never seen horse apples before, but they did look like moss covered balls at first glance. they're cool and so does the glass vase all done up! hey no worries about the poster. thanks for keeping an eye out though.

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

I've seen those before, but I don't think they grow here. However, I'm LOVING that tag you made and can see me "stealing" that trick, my dear!

Liz said...

Thanks for sharing this idea, I love it! The end product is so pretty! Well done! =)



The White Farmhouse said...

Ok, I will be the stupid one here. What are horse apples? I have never heard or seen them. I hope they are not what I am thinking they are cause if so, I would not never ever decorate with them! They do look too cool to be what I see and refer to as "horse apples" found when my daughter takes riding lessons. Fill me in peeps!

Christine said...

I have to Google Horse Apples. Never heard of them.
They look great in your $1 finds.

Six divided by two..... said...

I have never actually seen a crab apple before. Your arrangement is absolutely beautiful! Just dropping by to show you some bloggy love via Six Divided by Two.

Linda said... apples...these are new to me! Looove what you did looks outstanding!


Room to Inspire said...

I must say, horse apples are new to me too! I love how you used a common vase and made it look great - the tag is perfect!