November 12, 2009

{Dresser Mirror Makeover}

This is one of 2 mirrors I purchased from Goodwill about 4 months ago. I believe they belonged to a dresser once upon a time, but now they belong to mua. I did nothing fancy, just spray painted glossy black and made me a ragamuffin (thanks to The Nester) for added cuteness. I'm thinking of making the other one into a chalkboard and painting it white, what do you think?
I fell in love with the details.
Before: yucky dated brown

After: pretty glossy black

The price on these mirrors were $6 each, but it happened to be 50% off that day, oh yeah.

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Dianna said...

It's amazing how much better the black paint makes them look.

Cindy said...

Love that glossy black paint! Covers a multitude of sins :o)

Miss Mustard Seed said...

OK, I was skeptical about these mirrors. The finish and shape looked so dated, but when painted glossy black, wow! The sides look like the beautiful curves legs of an antique. Great vision and exection! Thanks for linking up to FFF!

Christina said...

Love the mirror, black paint always works wonders!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Not only a great deal but it looks fabulous! Love the black! You're right, it does have great detail to it. You should also link up to the Frugalicious Friday post at Finding Fabulous ~ everyone would love to see this and that you got it for $3.00!

Six in One Hand said...

As always you make junk look good!!!

I'm loving that second mirror!!!!
Best 3.00 ever spent!!

Tara said...

It really is amazing at what paint can do. The mirror is just wonderful. The little garland is adorable also. who can beat $3 bucks on a mirror. Wonderful project.

Kim said...

@ Cheap Chic Home. Nice! I've been wanting to do a collection of mirrors, but haven't seen any good prices. Lucky you!

Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

Wow! What a difference! You did a great job!

Jane said...

Ack...I can't believe you only paid $3 for these mirrors! And painted black...they look so fabulous! Great find! Isn't it amazing how black paint can take an outdated piece and make it chic and modern that!!

Jane @ Finding Fabulous

Red Lipstick Style said...

So pretty in black! $3.00, that's incredible!

alicia@thrifty and chic motif said...

I love it! You just reminded me that I need to do that to my standing mirror :)