December 10, 2009

Where did I go??

Here I am! Wow, I can't believe I have been away from blogging for a while now.
So much going on as you all can surely relate to. I had my parents come visit me from
El Paso during the Thanksgiving Holiday, and we have been traveling to Austin to visit
with friends and family as well. Now I have been trying to catch up with the house cleaning/organizing, but it just doesn't seem to come to an end. I know, boo hoo hoo, right? What can I say, it feels good to complain sometimes although it doesn't
get the house clean, but at least you get it out of your system.
So what am I up to now, well I have been working on serveral little projects, but there is one in partcular that has been absorbing my time quite a bit. Do you want to know what it is???? Drum roll please............................I am starting my own LITTLE BUSINESS!!! Yeah, very excited about that. It is a bow business for little girls and tweens. I have been designing some cute bows that I hope to post soon.
So this is pretty much what is up with me for right now. Thank you all who have been visiting my blog during my absence and welcome to the 8 new friends that have joined my little world. You are so appreciated!
P.S. My bread box that I won from Mustard Seed Creations has arrived!!! I will post picture very soon, I love it. Thank you Miss Mustard Seed!!!


julie said...

So exciting to hear you are starting your own business! Looking forward to seeing your bows. Good luck with everything. - julie

Six divided by two..... said...

Congrats on your business!! I'm glad that you are back- missed ya.

dee dee said...

Welcome back! ... Dee Dee