December 15, 2009

Girls, Giggles, and Curls Sneak Preview

Hello ladies, just wanted to share some samples of the bows I have been creating. I have asked some girlfriends to give me some honest feedback, and now I want yours too. Since you don't owe me any favors I think you will be very honest, right?? Prices range from $3 for small ones to $7.50 for large ones.
They are hand stitched for durability.
Do you think they are priced fairly?
Are these bows something you might purchase for your daughter or someone else?
Shipping will be $5 and free for orders of $50 or more.
What questions might you have before making a purchase?

All comments, suggestions, and feedback is very appreciated. With so much competition out there, I want to make sure I am staying on top of things, thanks a million!!!


P.S. I have named my little business Girls, Giggles, and Curls.


Autum said...

I love the bows! They are beautiful and look very well made. I think your pricing sounds fair. I know from experience how expensive good ribbon can be. The only suggestion I would make, and only because you asked- the $5.00 to ship would make me think twice about buying them. If is actually going to cost you that much, yes charge that, but if you can ship them cheaper, I'd consider offering a cheaper option. That's just my opinion based on my own shopping habits. I love the name of your business and I'm sure you are going to sell lots and lots of bows!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love 'em and yes, I think you have them priced fairly. I don't have any little girls to buy for, but I would think you could also use them to decorate other things ~ like frames.

Shana said...

These are really cute! I love having adorable bows for my little girls hair and these would be perfect! I too would hesitate because of the shipping cost, but maybe I don't know what stuff costs to ship these days... Also I would like to see a picture of the kind of clip etc. that is used because there are some I like more than others! Best of luck!! :)

meridith said...

I love the bows and would be very interested in buying for my little girl. Prices are fair, shipping sounds fine. Can't wait to see more!

meridith said...

Forgot to ask, what options do you offer for the type of clip? My daughther has very fine hair and uses an alligator clip, I think that's what it's called?